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December 8, 2010
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VolSa application by leinef VolSa application by leinef
If you want to rp with her, just send me a note or write a comment c:

Application for :iconvoleros-saga:

Name: Elpis Blackthorn

Age: 22

Height: 1,89m

Gender: female

Species: Dragon

Job: Sorceress Knight (Elpis in her armor)

Magic: Her magic power is quite high and higher ranked warriors see a lot of potential in her. (This talent doesn't mean that she is actually using magic all the time)
Speech: Elpis is used to talk in front of a crowd and she knows how to carefully choose the right words and motivate the people.

sword: Since she is fighting most times with her sword, here is her favourite sword.
white roses: She loves all kinds of roses but white ones are her favourite ones.
golden rings/accessories: She always wears golden jewelry of any kind.

If you seek someone exotic, Elpis is the right person for you. She is happy-go-lucky, loves to chat and discuss and is always open to new things since she is quite curious about everything. She is quite eager for knowledge as well but never got the chance to have a proper education. On occasion she talks too much and doesn't listen to others at all.
Also, she is stubborn and she wants to run her head against a wall before thinking about something.
Some people might say she is cool and easy-going but others would rather say she is stupid like hell.

Born in a family of warriors, she was destined to be a warrior as well although she was a female. Because of her strong magical sense she got chosen to be a sorceress knight when she was 5. Although everyone in Voleros knew that magic shortens one's life, magic theory was still taught to very few chosen ones.
Her parents were proud that Elpis was chosen to be a sorceress knight since it was an honour to die for their God.

Elpis was a happy, cheerful child from beginning and she was proud of being herself. She loved her silver hair, her pink eyes and chocolate brown skin. She didn't change a lot during the training time but because of the small spells she used her appearance changed and she lost the sight of her right eye. Most women would be depressed if parts of their skin would become like reptile leather but Elpis couldn't care less. Both, losing her right eye and the change of her skin, were byeffects of using smaller spells.

Her only goal during her training was to learn more. She practically drained all the wisdom of the tutors and mentors but since she was a warrior she never got full education as she wished(most tutors and mentors were warriors too so the education fields were quite limited). Her strong points were sword fighting and of course magic theory.

After the apprenticeship she participated in different wars but never used a crucial destructive spell. But she knows that she won't pass her 30th birthday if she continues to be a sorceress knight. She could feel how even the smallest spell shortened her life.. But she never thought of changing her profession because she couldn't leave her companions alone. She fights with her sword most times and only uses smaller spells if it's really needed.

In peaceful times, she returns to her parental home and helps in the household or teaches sorceress knight candidates the basic use of a sword.

Sorceress Knights in Voleros
As said in this journal entry magic in Voleros is quite limited but there are still people who can use them in certain limits. Elpis is one of them and although she was taught a lot of magic theory she rarely uses magic. Sorceress knights should be rather knights who can use one final destructive powerful spell by sacrificing their own life so their own country can win a war. That's why there are only few and why the apprenticeship already starts so early. Some people say it's because they need time to brainwash the children to make them believe it's good to die for their country and this sorceress knight system is criticized a lot by many people.

Additional Info:
- She loves to meet new people. She loves roses, too!
- She tries to smile a lot since she knows that her appearance might scare people.
- She lost a part of her left horn and her right wing during war.
- The reptile skin/scales are starting on the left side of her face, going around her neck and down to her cleavage.
- She can't fly.

Item sheet:
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How tall is she?
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leinef Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you very much for the comments :heart: I really appreciate it!!
I just got crazy when working out Elpis.. xD

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Thank you so much!! I'm a detail freak when it comes to OCs... xD;;;
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